Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Best Dad I Know

 Is, of course, my husband. He was 35 when we got married and I think he assumed that fatherhood had passed him by. Which is why, I believe, that he embraced it so strongly when our daughter was born. Now my husband is not a conventional man. He was not all that concerned about our child learning table manners or getting straight A's in school. Mind you, he knows those things are important. He just figured that I would take care of that.
   Oh no, from the beginning his department was FUN. Dad in charge of making sure all the kids who ever came to our house had a story to tell when they left. We had go-karts and a trampoline. We had a zip-line and lots of animals. People still talk about the time he brought the 13 ft. Python to vacation Bible School.

Sometimes he worries that they don't have much in common any more. After all, she is twenty three now and off doing her own thing most of the time. I'm not worried though, once a Daddy's girl, always a Daddy's girl. She'll be back.