What's It All About?

Welcome to Drawn from Life. This is my project and my science experiment, my journal and my sketchpad. This is mostly a photo blog, but sometimes it's a "commentary about life" blog, and then still other times it's a "Promote Local" blog. Sometimes I just want to tell you about my day...

No, I don't have multiple-personality disorder. Why do you ask?

I have been blessed with a few talents and I choose to show my gratitude for that by sharing them and hopefully blessing others. I love to draw, do photography, make jewelry and engage in other random acts of creativity. I hope you enjoy seeing what I do. I also really love to promote those who do good works of all kinds. So, going forward, I hope to have lots of great stories to share about people who do great things. Occasionally, I will also share the not-so-positive events that often shape my ideas about what is wrong in this world.
This is where I live.

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