Monday, May 17, 2010

The Birds on a Wire & I'm on the Fence

I was out back messing around with the telephoto lens the other day and I snapped this bird on the powerlines. I played around with the processing and came up with this nice muted version of the shot. I liked it because it wasn't the typical blue sky/green tree scenario. Ya know what I mean.... Well then I posted it on Flickr to one of the groups I belong to. Right away someone said "it's too dark."
So I am soliciting your opinions, my friends. I'm curious to know what is appealing to the masses. I will still shoot what I like the way I like it, but I am interested in what you like and why. So if you have a moment, leave a comment on this post. Thanks all!


Anonymous said...

I like the second one with the gorgeous blue sky. I would not say the first one is too dark, it's just too grey. Color is so much more cheerful and if it isn't raining give me a vibrant blue sky please.


Sallie said...

Thanks for your comments. I guess I like the other one better because I'm not so much seduced by color as I am by contrast and I think the muted one has more contrast. The bird "pops" (I hate that word) more in the muted one.