Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Sad and Splendid Day

Yesterday would have been my mothers 77th birthday. I thought about all of the things I didn't get to share with her over the years since she's been gone and I missed her. One year ago today, my daughters friend Colin died from a heroin overdose. I thought about all of the things his family won't get to share with him and I was sad.

Then I thought about how ridiculously fortunate and blessed I am. I have a wonderful and interesting family. I have a job. I have good health and the use of all my faculties. My bills are paid and if I wanted to, I could buy a new pair of shoes. I have peace.

Just about this time, I decided to take a break from cleaning and go outside. The wind was blowing the trees around like crazy, there were beautiful clouds in a VERY blue sky and the sunlight had a quality that was almost magical. At that moment, I realized, that everything was exactly the way it was supposed to be.


Anonymous said...

beautiful pic mom!

Sallie Leo said...

Thank you Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

An interesting family is a gift that keeps on giving. Love the photo.