Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mooshoo, Personality to Spare

Remember this photo? I posted this several weeks back after I submitted it for one of The Pioneer Woman's photo assignments, the theme was "funny." Well, to my utter surprise, it was chosen for one the groups from which the winner and runners-up are later chosen. I have submitted photos for many of her assignments and never been chosen, so this was pretty cool. It wouldn't be that big a deal except that thousands of people belong to her Flickr group and submit to these assignments and some incredible talent competes. So, yeah, it's cool!

Anyway, I decided to enter this same photo in The First Annual Dandiest Dog & Cutest Cat Photo Contest being put on by The Noble Beast here in Phoenix and, again, to my utter surprise, it won for the "Cutest Cat." Yes, it kinda made my day! And the $75 gift certificate is pretty great too!

Now if you are a serious dog or cat owner, you really must check out this adorable shop. It is located in the heart of Central Phoenix and they carry many very cool one of a kind pet accessories. They also carry a nice selection of organic/natural pet foods, treats, supplements and grooming supplies. The owners Alison and Marsha seem knowledgeable about the products they sell and seem to genuinely love serving the pet community.

Noble Beast
1005 E. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85014

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